Ask AP: Javier Bardem

Celebrity Q&A
on March 29, 2011

Tell me about Javier Bardem, the villain in No Country for Old Men, and if he is working on any new movies.
—Marlin Daniel, Valley View, Pa.

Born in the Canary Islands, Bardem, 42, was the first Spaniard to be nominated for a best actor Oscar, for his work in Before Night Falls in 2000, and was the first to win an acting Oscar, for 2007’s No Country for Old Men. In January he was nominated for best actor, for Biutiful. Coming from a family with a long line of actors and filmmakers, Bardem made his movie debut when he was 6 ½ years old. He married Penelope Cruz last summer, and they have an infant son. Passionate about the sport of rugby, the co-star of Eat Pray Love has completed his role in an as-yet an untitled film directed by Terrence Malick.

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