Baby-Shower Games

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on May 30, 2012

Baby showers offer the perfect opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life. Baby shower games should be uncomplicated and appropriate for guests of all ages. Provide a mix of games and/or activities to keep all guests and the mommy-to-be entertained and happy. Try these 10 games.

Diaper raffle. On each shower invitation, specify that bringing one package of diapers equals one raffle entry for a special prize. If the expecting mom is not using disposable diapers, have the raffle entry “fee” be a new onesie. Use numbered 3×5 cards as the raffle tickets. Draw a winning number after the expecting mom opens her gifts.

“Baby” no-no. When guests arrive, give each a clothespin to attach to their clothing. Tell the guests throughout the baby shower the word “baby” is prohibited. If “baby” is said, another guest can take the clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Blankie signing. This activity is another that can begin as soon as everyone arrives. Purchase a receiving blanket in a solid color and fabric markers in primary colors. Lay the blanket out on a table, ask each guest to sign his or her name and, if they choose to, include a wish or special thought for the expecting parents and baby. This is a great way to create a keepsake for new parents.

Journal advice. Another way to provide a unique keepsake for expecting parents is to pass a blank journal around during the shower, having each guest contribute a thought or special wish. The shower host can add several parenting quotes from famous people throughout the journal. Include parenting quotes from Dr. Spock, Bill Cosby, Robert Frost and Rose Kennedy. Consider humor from writer Erma Bombeck, who quipped, “When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”

Word scramble. Before the shower, create a list of baby item words such as blanket, diaper, pacifier, stroller and more. Make a list of 15 words, scrambling the letters of each. For example, blanket can become “nklabet.” Have an answer key ready for the day of the shower. Give the guests five minutes to unscramble the words. The one with the most correct wins a prize.

Mommy songs. Challenge the shower guests and mommy-to-be to come up with as many song titles that feature the word “mom” or a derivative thereof. Put five minutes on the clock and then compare lists after the time expires. The one with the longest list wins a prize. At Digital Dream Door, you can find a list of 100 songs with “mom” in the title.

Celebrity baby match-up. Celebrity’s baby names often make the news. Create a list of celebrities and their baby’s names — for example, Katie Holmes and Suri. Make a two-column list. In the first, list the parent’s name. In the second, list the child’s name, but don’t put the correct baby name next to the matching parent’s name. Mix it up. Present a prize for most correct matches.

What IS it? This is a game for the expecting mom. Wrap several baby items in tissue paper creatively to obscure the shape and/or sound. Include a bottle, rattle and more. Have the mom-of-honor guess what each mystery gift is by shaking and feeling the package. At the end of the game, she keeps each of the items.

Diaper bag game. Purchase a diaper bag, filling it with baby essentials. Pass it around the circle of guests. After everyone has had a peek, take it away. Pass out paper and pencil, and set a timer for five minutes, challenging everyone to write down as many items as they can remember from the bag. The guest who remembers the most correctly wins a prize, and the mommy-to-be gets to keep the diaper bag full of goodies.

Safety pin guess. Fill a clear jar with a specific number of safety pins. Write that number down so you don’t forget how many are in the jar. Pass the jar around to the guests, asking them to guess how many they think are in the jar. The closest guess wins a prize.

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