Barbour Silver Company Box

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on September 12, 2013
Trinket box was made by Barbour Silver Company.

Q: My dad bought the metal box seen in this photo sometime in the early 1950s. He thought it was a cigar box. The lid and all four sides are decorated with raised scenes of people in an inn. The inside is lined with wood. Marked on the bottom are the words “Barbour — S. P.  Co  International S. Co.  3297c.”
When my father died, my mother used this unique box to hold her precious mementos of him, including love notes and a picture he drew of her on a piece of cardboard. My mother always kept the box beside her bed. She later moved in with me, and when I would pass her bedroom, I would see this beautiful box. My mother died this past May, and I still keep the box in her room.
Can you tell me where this box came from, how old it is and its value?
A: You have a silver-plated box that was made by Barbour Silver Company in Hartford, Conn. It was decorated with a Dutch scene. The number “3297c” is a design number. Barbour Silver Company was founded in the late 1800s and became International Silver Company. Your box was used for trinkets or cigars.

It was made around the turn of the 20th century. If the silver plate is in mint condition, it would probably be worth $95 to $150.

Rosenthal Glass and Porcelain China Values

Rosenthal Glass and Porcelain Company was founded in 1879.

Rosenthal Glass and Porcelain Company was founded in 1879.

Q: I have a set of china that is a service for 12, and it includes all the serving pieces for a total of 112 pieces. Enclosed is a drawing of the mark that is on each dish. Included in the mark is the word “Bettina.” I am thinking of giving it to my granddaughter who is getting married soon. Because I have other grandchildren, I would like to know the value of this set, so I can do equally well for the others. I bought the set in 1959 directly from the factory when we were living in France. The dishes are decorated with 1/8 inch gold bands.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
A: Rosenthal Glass and Porcelain Company was founded in Selb, Bavaria, Germany, in 1879. They are still in business. Bettina was a line of porcelain that was decorated with a variety of designs.

Your circa 1959 set for 12 dinnerware would probably be worth $1500 to $1,600.

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