Be the Best Best Man

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on February 18, 2013
be the best best man

You could argue that the best man at any wedding is, in fact, the groom, but the role of best man falls instead to his truest friend. The honor of being asked to perform as best man can be a little daunting, but if you fulfill the role properly, you can help ensure that the bride and groom have the best day of their lives. Here are five duties that, once undertaken, will help you be the best best man.

Help with the arrangements. Best man duties do not just start on the day of the ceremony. Talk to the bride and groom about arrangements that you can help manage. Perhaps you can arrange collection and/or delivery of the rings or flowers. You could help find the right caterer. Your skills are more likely to be welcomed in areas such as the groom’s tuxedo or grooming, but in any case, get in there and help early on.

Plan for the best speech. The best man’s speech is often a highlight at good weddings, and that comes down to planning and practice. As soon as you have accepted the role, start thinking about anecdotes for the speech, so that w you have it down to perfection.

Be the groom’s right-hand man on the day. As the best man, you may need to make sacrifices on the big day to ensure that the day runs perfectly, so try not to drink too much wine. Keep the groom calm and ensure that he looks his best. Get him to the church or ceremony venue on time and keep the rings safe. You will be able to do all these things much better if you can keep a clear head.

Help the families. A great best man ensures that all family members have a great day. According to the BravoBride, that could include helping the families pack gifts into a car or driving the newly married couple to the hotel or airport. Make sure that you are on hand to do what needs to be done.

Clean up the next day. Hopefully, after a successful wedding day, the happy couple are on their way to the honeymoon. That means that it could fall to you, the best man, to finish off any other arrangements. That could mean returning the groom’s tuxedo to the rental shop, ensuring that any fees have been paid and making sure that everybody gets home safely.