‘Beastly’ DVD Review

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on July 30, 2011

DVD $28.95

A fresh young cast gives a teen-angst twist to the age-old fable of Beauty and the Beast. This time around, Kyle, an arrogant high school hunk (Alex Pettyfer), humiliates a fellow classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen) and wakes up cursed with hideous scars and other disfiguring marks all over his once-gorgeous head. Reversing the hex involves finding someone (hmmm…Vanessa Hudgens, perhaps?) who can see past his skin and love him for what’s underneath. You might think you’ve seen this story a dozen times before (and you’d be right), but Beastly is worth the rental just to see Neil Patrick Harris steal every scene as a blind tutor who “sees” Kyle’s potential to transform from the inside out.

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