Beauty Basics After 40

Beauty, Health, Home & Family
on September 28, 2011

It’s easy to look radiant and gorgeous when you’re young. Keep your beauty regime fresh and age-appropriate and you can look that way in your 40s and beyond. Try these beauty basics tips and make the most of your looks, no matter what your age.

Update old techniques. The texture, color and moisture level of skin changes with time. Research shows that aging skin has a lower water content. Make-up choices and application techniques must change to suit the current state of your skin. What may have worked at age 18 will not necessarily be best at 48.

Begin at the beginning. A good place to begin updating your beauty regime is with foundation. Start with a clean, dry, well-moisturized face. Avoid dry powder and foundations with sparkle, which will enhance the skin’s natural tendency to become dry. Select a moisturizing foundation that will improve the skin's elasticity. A semi-matte finish is universally flattering. Never rush the selection process, and seek the opinion of another person when choosing the correct shade. The wrong color foundation can make skin look older.

Aim for a natural glow. Apply foundation sparingly and only where needed. A thick layer of foundation looks mask-like, especially on older skin.

When blushing, use cream. Mature skin shines best with moisture. Avoid dried-out or shimmery powders and opt for moist, cream blushes in light, natural tones instead. Apply higher than the apples of the cheeks for a visual lift.

Eyebrows define the face. Often overlooked or over-enhanced, eyebrows in the correct shape and shade will give your face lift and definition. If you’re unsure as to how to augment fading or sparse eyebrows, visit a professional. Once you get the idea, you can recreate the perfect brow at home.

Go easy on the eyes. Heavy eye shadow with color and sparkle will make the eyelid heavy and create an unflattering effect. Try skipping shadow or using a natural creamy taupe with a bit of lighter highlight just under the brow. Finish eyes off with a good light mascara to open and brighten the eyes. Avoid clumpy, thick coats of mascara, as it only ages the eyes.

Natural lips look lovely. As we mature, lips can dry and crack. Maintain fresh lips with a bit of gentle exfoliation, nude lip liner and a low shimmer lip gloss or lipstick. Use formulas that are moisture enhancing. Avoid matte lipstick altogether; it’s aging and line-enhancing.

Don't overlook your hair. You may think you've updated your look, but if you neglect your changing hair, you have not. Hair becomes dryer over time. Deep condition and use hot oil treatments, even if you have never had to do so before. Regular trims ensure healthy bouncy tresses that defy aging and are always in style.

Take care of yourself. A list of tips is not complete without the mention of proper sleep, exercise and nutrition. Being at your healthy best is always the best beauty basic tip — at any age.