Actress-singer Bernadette Peters

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on October 27, 2002

What has happened to actress Bernadette Peters? I am a big fan of hers, and it's been quite some time since I've seen her. Does she have a fan club?
—Holly H., South Carolina

If you haven't seen Bernadette Peters, then you just haven't been looking in the right places, because she's been working as hard as ever. A native of Ozone Park, N.Y., the Tony-winning performer has conquered the worlds of theater, music, television, and movies. Her latest album, Bernadette Peters Loves Rodgers & Hammerstein, has received outstanding reviews. She co-starred in the Showtime movie Bobbie's Girl with Rachel Ward, has guest-starred on such shows as Ally McBeal, and starred in several television movies, including Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston, What The Deaf Man Heard, and The Odyssey. She also has concerts booked at a number of venues across the country. Coming up, look for Peters in the feature film A Few Good Years, with Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas. She's also preparing for a Broadway revival of Gypsy. She lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her husband, investment adviser Michael Wittenberg. Though she doesn't have a fan club, she does have an official website,