Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings: Collector’s Edition Boxed Set DVD Review

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on December 3, 2011

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Collector's Edition Boxed Set
CD ($41.51)

When he left The Rolling Stones in the early 1990s, guitarist Bill Wyman put together a fun little side project that blossomed into an enduring collaboration with all-star players from all over the musical map, including Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Peter Frampton, as part of an ever-shifting group of genre-bending guests. This five-CD roundup of four albums originally released between 1998 and 2001 features 66 cover songs and originals that canvass a wide-ranging expanse of blues, reggae, soul, gospel, and rock and roll. If you've ever wanted to hear what world-class rockers do when they're not really making music for anything but the sheer joy of simply playing it together, give these discs a spin and get ready to groove. 
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