Country Singer Billy Dean

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on May 15, 2005

What is country singer Billy Dean doing now?
—Charlotte A., Indiana

The native of Quincy, Fla. (pop. 6,982), has just released a new album called Let Them Be Little and the title track is a radio hit. "Most of my career records have been ballads, but this album only has three ballads on it," says Dean, 43. Among his hits are Only Here for a Little While, Somewhere in My Broken Heart and If There Hadn't Been You. Currently touring with Craig Morgan, Dean lives in Nashville, Tenn., and shares custody of his two children—Hannah, 10, and Eli, 11—with his ex-wife, Kathy. He's engaged to a Florida teacher, about whom he says, "She's a beautiful woman who fell in love with my kids. I told Stephanie five years ago when I met her, ‘If you can survive me getting attention and being dedicated to my career and you can make that sacrifice, we will succeed and I will certainly marry you.' I am holding up my end of the bargain because she has certainly held up hers."