Singer Billy Ocean

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on June 8, 2003

Whatever happened to Billy Ocean? He sang the hit Caribbean Queen.
—Vivian H., Arkansas


Though the Caribbean-born singer faded away from American radio after his enormous success in the 1980s, he never stopped making music. He's made a number of albums and still tours, though he's seen primarily in Europe these days. Recently he was awarded an honorary doctorate of music by the University of Westminster. Now 53, Ocean was born Leslie Charles in Trinidad, though he moved to England when he was 8 years old. He started performing at London clubs as a teenager, scored a hit song there in 1974 under the name Scorched Earth, and continued to have moderate success as a songwriter and singer throughout the 1970s. Caribbean Queen was his breakthrough song. Released in 1982, it became a hit all over the world. The lyrics were altered slightly in regional versions of the song, titled African Queen and European Queen, and those versions were just as successful.