Actor Billy Zane

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on January 6, 2002

My favorite actor is Billy Zane. Can you tell me more about him?
—Denise G., Oregon

Born in Chicago, Billy Zane, 35, knew as a teenager that he wanted to be an actor and headed out to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from high school. In a matter of weeks, he had his first movie role, as one of Biff's thug friends in Back to the Future. He worked steadily from then on in television and in movies. He made a big impression as the villain in the movie Dead Calm, starring with Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill. Of course, his most famous role is Rose's fiance, Cal, in Titanic. The actor's most recent works include the feature film Zoolander; The Believer, an award-winning film from the Sundance Film Festival that aired on Showtime; and the cable movies The Diamond of Jeru and Invincible.