Country Singer Blaine Larsen

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on February 13, 2005

Blaine Larsen Releases First Major-Label CD

Less than a year after graduating from high school, country singer Blaine Larsen has released his major label debut, Off to Join the World, on BNA Records. Larsen, 19, who was raised in Buckley, Wash. (pop. 4,145), started singing at age 10 after his stepfather introduced him to country music. "He brought home some karaoke tapes, and we would all just have fun with them," Larsen says. "That's when I started singing. I was pretty bad at first, but I didn't care, because I just loved it. So I kept on singing and I got better." During high school, Larsen performed at sporting events, weddings and local jam sessions. He put out an independent album at age 15, which helped him land his major label deal. He co-wrote six of the 10 songs on his major-label CD. "I would describe my album as multi-emotional," he says. "It has songs that will make you cry, songs that will make you laugh and songs that will make you think. This album also tells a lot about me. I feel like it's a very personal record, with many of the songs being inspired by actual events that I have lived."