Blake Lively’s Savages Tattoo

Celebrity Q&A, People
on August 13, 2012

Is the butterfly tattoo that Blake Lively has in “Savages” real?
—Carla Campos, Albuquerque, N.M.

When Lively, who turns 25 on Aug. 25, wrapped filming on “Savages,” she set her butterflies free, so the answer is no. They were not permanent ink.

But the story behind them is interesting, since it was Lively who came up with the idea for the design for her character Ophelia, who, in the critically acclaimed novel by Don Winslow on which the film was based, has a tattoo of a sea nymph. But Lively felt that since it was already understood that “O” was from Laguna Beach, the tattoo didn’t need to be that of a sea creature. Instead, she turned to one of her favorite artists, Sage Vaughn, for inspiration.

“He creates beautiful, pure, colorful nature–butterflies on barbed wire or picket fences. I thought it was such an example of this girl. This pure, free, hopeful girl that has been really broken and torn by her life and society. I thought, ‘If you are going to get a tattoo, it should be significant,’ especially when it is all the way up your arms and your body.”

“Savages” isn’t the first time that Lively has worn fake ink for a role. In “The Town,” she had temporary star tattoos on her upper body.

But the Tarzana, Calif.-born actress doesn’t wear any tattoos for the role for which she is best known—that of Serena van der Woodsen on The CW’s “Gossip Girl.”  But that role will soon be coming to an end as “Gossip Girl” is currently shooting for its final season, which will air this fall.