‘Blues Clues’

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on October 14, 2001

My grandson loves to watch Blue's Clues, but I heard not long ago that Steve on the show had died. Is this true? Also, can you tell me about him?
—Richie T., Alabama

Steve's very much alive, and your grandson will be able to see him on Blue's Clues through the middle of 2002. Then, Steve Burns, the host and the only nonanimated character in the show, will leave to complete his education and pursue other opportunities. A new host, Steve's brother Joe, will be introduced and ease into the series as Steve eases out of it. Burns will continue to make guest appearances on the show after he leaves. Burns has been on the show since it debuted in 1995. He attended Allentown College, where he studied theater and won the prestigious Irene Ryan Award for acting in a national competition held at The Kennedy Center. Burns moved to New York in 1995 and landed the role hosting Blue's Clues not long after. He also has appeared on the shows Law & Order and Homicide.