Blues Traveler

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on October 12, 2003

I am a huge fan of Blues Traveler and John Popper. Can you tell me more about John Popper and if Blues Traveler is still "travelin' " to a city near me?
—Alice A., Kentucky

They don't call themselves Blues Traveler for nothing—the band can be found on the road almost yearround. Chances are good they'll play somewhere near you, and you can check their official website,, for tour dates. Lead singer John Popper's vocal talent was discovered by his parents when he was just 3 years old, singing in church. "They were quick to notice that I was not only singing in tune, but harmonizing," he says. "The music teacher who was teaching my older sisters violin said that I had true pitch and musical ability." From then on, Popper, now 36, sang and played music—trying cello at age 5, piano at 8 and tuba at 10. Nothing took until he picked up a guitar at 11 and discovered that he knew how to play by ear. Soon after, his parents gave him a harmonica for his birthday. That was the instrument that really took; his playing was so good that he became the first harmonica player in his high school band. In 1983, he and his high school pals fomed a band that eventually became Blues Traveler.