Actor-comedian Bob Saget

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on July 21, 2002

What is Bob Saget, the former host of America's Funniest Home Videos, doing now? We think he's a funny and entertaining performer.
—Marian W., California

You can find Bob Saget every week on The WB's Raising Dad, where he plays a widowed high school English teacher raising two daughters. The weekly series has the same gentle, family-friendly humor as his past hit series, Full House, which ran for eight years. The 46-year-old comic actor was born in Philadelphia and was a creative child who played guitar, wrote songs, made films, and wrote humorous sketches to amuse his friends. It was the perfect lead-in to pursue a career as a standup comic after graduating from Temple University. He moved to California and was the winning bachelor when he appeared on The Dating Game in 1979. He soon found steady work on television and in clubs. In 1987, he landed the dad role in Full House. Two years later, he took on hosting duties of America's Funniest Home Videos. His interest in filmmaking remained constant through his career. He directed and produced the television movie, For Hope, based on the life of his sister, Gay, who died from scleroderma, an immune system disease, in 1994. His other directorial projects include the Norm McDonald movie Dirty Work and Jitters for Lifetime Television.