Former CNN Anchor Bobbie Battista

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on June 13, 2004

I would like to know what happened to Bobbie Battista who was on CNN News?

—Robert J., Wisconsin

She recently joined other former CNN staffers to form a media relations firm, Atamira Communications. Battista, who broke new ground at CNN when she hosted TalkBack, an interactive talk show, says she saw the move as a natural transition and a way to use the knowledge she accumulated over her 20 years in broadcasting. Battista says she doesn’t really miss broadcast news that much—except for the daily coverage of politics. “I do miss getting my hair and makeup done every day, though,” she jokes. Atamira Communications, which she formed with former CNN staffers David Bernknopf and her husband, John Brimelow, assists executives, corporations and politicians through media training and communications consulting. While at CNN, Battista anchored CNN Today, World News and Prime News. Battista and Brimelow live in Atlanta with their dog, Maggie, and cat, Timmy.