Actress Bonnie Hunt

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on February 1, 2004

I think Life With Bonnie is the best new show on TV. What can you tell me about Bonnie Hunt?

—Pat L., North Carolina

The actress/writer/director/producer grew up in Chicago as one of seven children. As a child, Hunt wanted to be a nurse or an entertainer, and as an adult she did both. She worked as a nurse by day and at night performed with the Second City improvisational comedy group. Though her patients were terminally ill, Hunt delighted in the sense of humor she found among them. She’s credited them in numerous interviews with encouraging her to go to California to pursue her dreams. “They said, ‘Go. Don’t fear failure. You’ll fail many times.’ And I have,” she says. Still, her successes have been significant. She’s appeared in the films Jerry Maguire, The Green Mile and Beethoven. She was the first woman to write, produce and star in her own sitcom, The Building, and though that show didn’t make it, Life With Bonnie did. Hunt and her guests (such as Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams and David Duchovny) improvise the talk show interviews. Unlike her character, Hunt has no children, but she is married to John Murphy, an investment banker. Hunt most recently starred opposite Steve Martin in a remake of Cheaper By The Dozen.