‘Book of All-Time Stupidest Top 10 Lists’ Book Review

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on October 28, 2011

Book of All-Time Stupidest Top 10 Lists
By Kathryn & Ross Petras
Softcover, 232 pages ($10.95)

As long as there have been mouths, people have found ways to put their feet in them. This goldmine of verbal goofs, flubbed lines, tangled titles, headline typos, and miscellaneous other hilariously errant flotsam and jetsam, all organized into handy lists, will keep you smiling for hours. Dig in anywhere and find something stupidly stupendous, including "Frighteningly Moronic Game Show Moments," "Not-Terribly Helpful Helpful Hints,"  "Most Terribly Annoying Things Said By Rich People," "The Least Comprehensible Advertising Slogans Ever Written" and dozens of other gems of wondrous, wacky gaffe-ry.

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