‘Book of Times’ Book Review

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on March 31, 2013

The Book of Times
By Lesley Alderman
Softcover, 354 pages (15.99 / William Morrow Publishers)

We can spend it, save it, waste it, and never seem to have enough of it, but somehow end up with it on our hands; it waits for no man, flies and stands still, and heals all wounds. That mysterious, dexterous substance is, of course, time, which this handy-dandy little volume encourages us to consider in hundreds of fascinating ways, with charts, statistics, quirky tidbits, intriguing trivia and nuggets of research that reveal just how, exactly, we use the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of our lives—and how we can economize, prioritize and even put some lost minutes back on the clock. Burrowing down into the many interesting factoids of this infinitely browse-able tome, no matter how long you stay at it, makes for time well spent.