‘Guiding Light’ Star Bradley Cole

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on May 6, 2007

What can you tell me about Bradley Cole on The Guiding Light? I know he played Prince Richard Winslow from 1999 to 2002 and left the show and came back as a different character, Jeffrey O'Neill. He is a phenomenal actor and very handsome.
—Carly C., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Born and raised in California, Cole, 48, studied business and drama at Pepperdine University and played college basketball until an injury forced him to quit. He left his first Guiding Light role in 2002 when his contract expired and he felt "the character had run its course." When producers of the daytime drama approached him the following year about playing a different character, he accepted. Married and the father of a son who'll turn 1 in July, Cole also is a singer who released his fourth CD, A Human Thing, last year.