Brandon Routh on ‘Superman’ and ‘Partners’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on October 15, 2012


How did Brandon Routh wind up on “Partners?” I thought he was more of a serious actor. 
Lydia Benefit, Providence, R.I.
A native of Norwalk, Iowa, Routh, 33, may be best known for playing Superman, but he says that he has wanted to do comedy ever since he moved to Hollywood. Having played the Man of Steel in “Superman Returns” in 2006, he says made it hard to make the transition, which is why it took him several years to land a role like Wyatt on a show like “Partners.”
“The first thing I ever did for real theater was in high school when I was a sophomore in this play called ‘Hide and Shriek,’ which was a silly comedy,” he recalls. “I played a redneck with bib overalls, a straw hat and was a little slow. But that was a lot of fun, and I got laughs out of it. So that type of character was always in the back of my consciousness, I guess.”
Taking the role of the villain Daniel Shaw on “Chuck” was a step in the right direction—though not a big one—since his character wasn’t as funny as he had hoped he would be when he landed the role. “Being around that comedic world, even though my character didn’t get all the jokes, it was fun,” he says. 
“It was putting in the work and realizing that I maybe had to take a step back if I wanted to go into a new territory. I had to prove myself, and I’ve done that over the past few years in the films and even the small little Internet ‘Funny or Die’ stuff that I’ve done just to exercise that muscle and put as much out there as I can.”