Breast Cancer Awareness

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on September 29, 2011

With so many family members experiencing the tragety of breast cancer, we decided to do something to elevate awareness and education for women: that they are the first line of defense against this disease.  We have started an organic personal care line of skin care products called "Pink Ribbon Naturals", here in Wausau, WI.  Our goal is to remind women to do self examinations daily/weekly as an effort to reduce the spread of breast cancer.  Our products provide a gentle reminder to women with a natural, organic line of products.  1 out of 3 women will experience breast cancer sometime in their lifetime.  With early detection, breast cancer is preventable and treatable.  We are getting traction in retail stores in Wisconsin, delivering this message with literature and samples of product.  Hopefully our small effort here in Wisconsin will make a difference.  We are donating our profits to breast cancer research to Wisconsin hospitals and foundations.  With October designated as "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", we are trying to get as much information out there as possible.  We would love to place an ad in American Profile, if possible.


Bill & Dee Dunn

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