Singer Brenda Lee

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on July 27, 2003

Singer Brenda Lee was, and always will be, in a class of her own. Can you tell me what she's doing now?
—Marie H., Indiana

The one-time teen sensation behind the hits I'm Sorry and Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree still performs on occasion. Lee says she spends the rest of her time at home, enjoying her two grandchildren as often as she can and doing the typical household chores that take up so much time of every day. Her autobiography, Little Miss Dynamite, released last year, is now out in paperback. Lee, 59, made her first impression as a singer when she was just 5, winning a children's talent show in her home state of Georgia. As a result, she was invited to become a regular on a radio show in Atlanta, then went on to sing regularly on a local TV show. But her real break came at age 12, when she went to see her favorite performer, Red Foley, in concert. She ended up singing on the show herself, impressing Foley so much that he later said he felt guilty he hadn't paid for a ticket to sit in the audience to hear her perform. He invited her onto his own network TV show, Ozark Jubilee, and the audience loved her. A record contract, hit songs, awards, and international fame all came her way quickly after that. She's sold more than 100 million records, and has been inducted into both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She lives in Nashville, Tenn., with her husband of 40 years, Ronnie.