Brian Setzer Orchestra

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on January 27, 2002

The Brian Setzer Orchestra is my favorite band. Please tell me more about them.
—Larry B., Illinois

The story behind the Brian Setzer Orchestra (BSO) is all in the name. The pompadoured Brian Setzer, 42, came on the scene as guitarist and frontman of the rockabilly band, the Stray Cats, in the early '80s. In the early '90s, the New York City-born artist set out for new territory and created BSO. At its heart is a 16-piece band that backs Setzer's rockin' guitar with Big Band swing music. The hybrid style exploded on their third album, 1998's The Dirty Boogie, thanks to their monster hit Jump Jive an' Wail. Their latest album, Vavoom!, was released in August 2000 and earned Setzer his third Grammy. Due to the high costs associated with a large band, touring is minimal. But last year, Setzer toured in his latest incarnation—Brian Sezter '68 Comeback Special—which features two members of BSO, to support the June debut, Ignition! Setzer says BSO will keep jumping, jiving, and wailing.