Actress Britt Robertson

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 20, 2011

Was Britt Robertson a fan of the L.J. Smith series of Secret Circle books before she was cast as the lead role in the new TV series based on them?
—Madelyn Bryce, Valparaiso, Ind.

The actress, 21, who was homeschooled, had not read the books prior to landing the role as Cassie Blake, a teenager who discovers she comes from a family of witches, in the new CW series, but she read them after getting the part.

Born in Charlotte, N.C., and raised in Chester, S.C., Robertson says she didn't do too much research into the occult world because her character knows nothing about being a witch. She also says she has no desire to have supernatural power.

"I don't think I am the type of person who would be capable enough to know what to do with it, and I think that is similar to my character's conflict. Her biggest fear is to be out of control of her powers and to do something she is not intending. I think that would be the scariest thing for me as well: for [magic] to go wrong and hurt someone."