Brooks and Dunn

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on June 22, 2003

Have Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn always sung together? If not, how did they become a duo?
—Lynn K., Kansas

Though the mega-successful country duo seem as if they've always been singing together, the truth is that each was pursuing a solo career before they met. In fact, each of the men had charted singles on their own in 1983. They were introduced by record label president Tim DuBois, who thought they might make a good team. Kix Brooks, 47, and Ronnie Dunn, 49, have since admitted that they didn't get along right away because they had such different approaches to performing. Anyone who's seen the pair onstage knows that's true. Dunn stands in front of his microphone and sings while Brooks runs around the stage with near-frantic energy. They worked it out though, and their styles now complement each other. Since teaming up, they've sold millions of albums and can't seem to stop winning awards. They write most of their own material together, and it's likely that each of them would agree that, in their case, two heads are better than one.