‘Buck Owens “Live” at The White House’ CD Review

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on June 10, 2012

Buck Owens “Live” at The White House
CD ($15.98)

Back in 1968, country music came to the halls of the White House when Buck Owens and his band gave a high-spirited command performance for President (and fellow native Texan) Lyndon Johnson, shuffling through the Buckaroo signature tunes “Act Naturally,” “Together Again,” “Crying Time,” “I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail,” and other toe-tappers. Now available for the first time on CD, this start-to-finish recording of the landmark event is packaged with another time-capsule bonus, a nine-track special recording Owens made in 1972 as a half-hour honky-tonk show for Apollo 16 astronauts to take with them into space. Buck Owens, meet Buck Rogers!

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