Treasure Hunters Leigh and Leslie Keno

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 14, 2011

How did Leigh and Leslie Keno of Buried Treasure on Fox TV get started treasure hunting?
—Mario Toscano, Wilmette, Ill.

The twin brothers, who also have worked as appraisers on Antiques Roadshow, were born into it. Their parents, Norma and Ronald Keno, were antiques dealers, and the brothers followed their lead.

"Since we were probably about 3 feet high, we were treasure hunters in upstate New York, digging for old bottles in old foundations of buildings," says Leigh, 54, who is 13 minutes older than his brother. "We'd go to refuse sites and dig for 19th century glass or barn hinges."

Also, their mother would take them out of school on Fridays to go to flea markets and antique fairs. "That opened up a whole new world, of course, because at every flea market there was always that next booth. We'd spend from six in the morning until six at night searching for treasures." Obviously, it paid off.