Actress Calista Flockhart

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on June 24, 2001

We love the Ally McBeal television show, but we don't know much about its star, Calista Flockhart. What kind of acting did she do before Ally McBeal?
—Ron W., Rhode Island

Calista Flockhart, whose name means most beautiful in Greek (it was also her grandmother's name), was born in Freeport, Ill., and attended Rutgers University. Although she made her television debut in 1991 on Darrow, it was on Broadway that she really established her reputation as an actress. Flockhart had been on Broadway for about eight years when she was given the opportunity to audition for Ally McBeal. At first, she turned the offer down because she was too busy with theater and was hesitant to work in television. However, the producers eventually convinced her to fly to Los Angeles, where she immediately was hired. The single 36-year-old acts in plays, such as the 1999 off-Broadway production called Bash, when she's not taping the show in Los Angeles.