‘Call the Midwife’ Star Says She Wants ‘Every Drug I Can Get My Hands On’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on April 2, 2013

What can you tell me about the pretty blonde on PBS’ “Call the Midwife”?
Betty Biddulph, Flint, Mich.

Helen George, 30, plays the outgoing midwife Trixie on the British import. She was born in Birmingham, England, where her father is a politics professor and her mother is involved in social work. George knew from childhood that she wanted to perform, so she trained at the Birmingham School of Acting, going on to win the Ian Fleming Award to study musical theater at the Royal Academy of Music.

She continued her interest in musicals as a member of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s original “Woman in White” cast and later played Sharpay in the stage adaptation of “High School Musical.”

“I really concentrated on musical theater,” she says. “That was my background: singing, acting and dancing. Then I suddenly realized it wasn’t fulfilling everything I wanted in my career, and I started concentrating on straight acting for film and TV work, and I haven’t looked back.”

While “Call the Midwife” is the high point of her acting career to date, George’s other credits include the British TV shows “Hollyoaks,” “Doctors,” “Hotel Babylon” and the movies “The Three Musketeers” and “7 Lives.”

George resides in London with her husband, actor Oliver Boot, and two dogs, a Yorkshire terrier and a Jack Russell. She says that she does want children someday, but after playing a midwife, she plans to give birth using “every drug I can get my hands on.”

George never had any experience with babies, so “Call the Midwife” has been a terrific learning experience for her. “I didn’t know how to hold one. None of my friends at that time were having kids, so it really was a shock,” she says. “Now, I am so comfortable holding a baby, and they are much more comfortable with us. They don’t cry because we know what we are doing.”