Actress Carla Gugino

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on December 24, 2006

Q I loved the show Karen Sisco and the actress who played her. She looks familiar. Has she been in any other TV shows or movies?
—Joan Murphee, Middleburg, Fla.

Florida-born Carla Gugino, who played sexy, brainy U.S. marshal Karen Sisco in the short-lived 2003 TV series of the same name, made her performance debut as a teenager in a TV episode of Who's the Boss. A niece of the Let's Make a Deal "prize model" Carrol Merrill, Gugino, 35, also has appeared in the movies Spy Kids, Sin City and Michael, and the TV shows Spin City, Chicago Hope and Threshold. You can see her in the new Ben Stiller movie comedy Night at the Museum.