Actresses Carrie and Joely Fisher

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on March 16, 2008

Q My mother and I have a bet. She says actresses Joely Fisher and Carrie Fisher are related. I say no. Who is right?
-Jacqui Alexander, Laughlin, Nev.

Your mother wins this one. Actor Eddie Fisher is the father of both, but Joely's mother is Connie Stevens, while Carrie's mom is Debbie Reynolds. The story goes that Joely, 40, didn't know of Carrie's existence until the movie Star Wars debuted 30 years ago and someone pointed out that the actress who played Princess Leia was her half-sister. Joely currently stars in the FOX series 'Til Death and is working on a singing career. Carrie, 51, continues to act occasionally, and she's also a well-respected Hollywood writer.