Singer Carrie Underwood

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on February 12, 2006

What is Carrie Underwood doing now that she won American Idol?
—Bobby Griffs, Celeste, Texas

You can expect more fireworks from this promising young powerhouse, whose post-Idol career already is off with a bang. After winning the national competition, Underwood went into the studio in Nashville, Tenn., to record her debut album, Some Hearts, which immediately shot to the top of the country sales charts and generated a hit radio single, "Jesus Take the Wheel." The 22-year-old native Oklahoman now resides in Nashville with her four dogs and two cats, and is in awe of everything that has changed in her life. "I never thought any of this would actually happen to me," she says. "These kinds of things only happen to imaginary characters on television or in the movies, not real people."