Actress Catherine Bell

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 13, 2011

I see Catherine Bell is playing a witch for the fourth time in the Hallmark Channel movie, The Good Witch's Family. Why does she keep repeating that role?
—Juliette Moore, Charlotte, N.C.

The Good Witch movies are the highest-rated original movie series for the Hallmark Channel (the next airs Oct. 29), so one reason Bell, 43, keeps coming back is they keep asking her. In addition, she says the role is enjoyable. It is a change from the strong, serious women she is known for on JAG and Army Wives.

"Cassie is definitely the closest to my personality of all the characters I've ever played-the lightness, the silliness," Bell says. "She always sees the bright side of things-and not that I always do, not like Cassie at least-but I tend to focus on what's right in people and in life, rather than focusing on what's wrong. You seem to get more of what you put your attention on, so I like that about Cassie."