Director Chad Lowe

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 16, 2011

I heard that Chad Lowe was directing now. Has he quit acting?—Marley Bates, West Palm Beach, Fla.

While it is true that Lowe, 43, has been lucky enough to direct episodes of several TV shows, he has no intentions of turning his back on acting.

He plans to direct one more episode of this season's Pretty Little Liars, on which he plays Aria's father, Byron. The native of Dayton, Ohio, says of his ABC Family series, which airs a Halloween episode Oct. 19, "I'd like to think that we're back for another season, and, hopefully, I'd get to direct one or two more next season, or three maybe. How about four? I'm going to lobby for four!"

As for playing the dad in the teen-centric Pretty Little Liars, he says, "I think that one of the things that the writers are aware of and have done nicely, they've flushed the parents out and kept them three dimensional and real-living, breathing, caring, complicated people."