Chad Michael Murray Calls New Series ‘Fast and Thrilling’

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on March 18, 2014

I miss seeing Chad Michael Murray on TV. What is he doing now?
–Bonnie Washington, Montgomery, Alabama

Chad Michael Murray has actually had a really productive year, although you are right that he hasn’t been seen much on television. Instead of a network show, he opted to do “Chosen,” an online series for, now in its second season, about a man who may be forced to kill a stranger to save his family.

“I saw the script and there was no way I could say no,” he says. “I was shooting ‘Left Behind’ and I got the script and I said, ‘Oh, my God. This is incredible.’ …It’s fast, and it’s thrilling. You really inspect every aspect of yourself as a human and as an artist: emotional and physical, where the human elements come into play in a scenario that is so surreal.”

The Buffalo, New York-born former “One Tree Hill” heartthrob also has the movie “Cavemen,” currently available on Video on Demand, in which he plays Jay, an up-and-coming actor, who specializes in one-night-stands and empty relationships.

“What I loved about Jay was how candid and open he was,” says Murray, 32. “He says what is on his mind and he just goes with it. He believes in his lifestyle. He is not going to apologize for it and he is not going to excuse it in any way… Some may say he is an a–hole. I don’t think so. I think ultimately, he hasn’t found the right woman. He hasn’t found that woman who has brought him love, so he doesn’t really understand what it is.”

Murray also starred in “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas;” played a young Anderson Cooper-type in the aforementioned sci-fi film “Left Behind,” which opens in theaters on June 19; took the part of a homeless heroin addict in the independent film “Other People’s Children,” the role of Officer Ingram in the critically acclaimed “Fruitvale Station,” and a two-part guest starring role on “Southland.”

“I have been very blessed this year,” he says. “The variety of the characters I have played in this last year has been astronomical. It is why we become artists. What I have really wanted for my career was to try on different hats and not really get bored with anything in particular… I have been really, really blessed this year to scare myself. I guess I can do this. I did pick the right job. Now I just want to find something that interests me creatively. I don’t want to be bored.”