CBS News Anchor Charles Osgood

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on February 18, 2001

Charles Osgood, who hosts CBS News Sunday Morning, is such a pleasure to watch and listen to. Is he recognized within his industry for good work?
—Shane W., New Mexico

Indeed, he is. Charles Osgood, called CBS News' poet-in-residence, and anchor of the radio program, The Osgood File, was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1990. His awards are too numerous to list, but among them are a 1999 International Radio and Television Society Foundation award for significant achievement; a 1997 Emmy Award for his interview with American realist painter Andrew Wyeth for Sunday Morning; three Peabody Awards, which recognize broadcasting's best; and five Washington Journalism Review Best in the Business Awards. Osgood, father of five who lives in New Jersey with his wife, Jean, was called "one of the last great broadcast writers" by his predecessor on Sunday Morning, Charles Kuralt.