Singer Chris Isaak

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on July 8, 2001

I love Chris Isaak, but it's hard to find information on him. Can you tell me where he was born, how old he was when he started singing, and who influenced him musically?
—Cathy P., Illinois

Chris Isaak, 44, was raised in Stockton, Calif., and got his first guitar at age 13. He began writing his owns songs and was influenced by the music of Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and Connie Francis. After graduating from the University of the Pacific, he launched his music career in the early '80s in San Francisco, where he now lives, with his band Silvertone. He released his debut album in 1985 and immediately developed a following. He had his first hit with Wicked Game. His newest album is Speak of the Devil, and he plans to tour this fall. The avid surfer and one-time semipro boxer can be seen in his own cable show, The Chris Isaak Show, which is a fictionalized version of Isaak's life. "We thought it would be fun if we got on a show where we could do some of our own jokes and play our music," he says.