Actress Christine McIntyre

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on February 17, 2002

Please tell me what you can about actress Christine McIntyre. She appeared in many of the Three Stooges comedies.
—Pat P., Michigan

Born in Nogales, Ariz., in 1911 (before it became a state), McIntyre started her show business career as a singer, both on stage and on radio, before earning a bachelor's degree in music from Chicago Musical College. She got a part in a musical short called Swing Fever in 1937 and soon signed a movie contract with RKO. Before teaming up with the Three Stooges, McIntyre starred in a string of Westerns. But comedy proved to be her strong point, and she appeared in many comedies in the '40s, though she is best remembered for her roles with the Three Stooges. In 1954, she married actor/writer J. Donald Wilson and retired from show business. The couple lived in California, managing apartment buildings until their deaths in 1984.