Actor Chuck Norris

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on February 19, 2006

Could you give me any information on Chuck Norris? What is he doing and where is he now?
—Kathleen Harlow, Huntley, Ill.

Martial arts expert-turned-actor Norris, who last year starred in a two-hour Walker, Texas Ranger TV movie called Trial By Fire, soon will add another accomplishment to his resume: author. He's preparing to release The Justice Riders, the first of what he plans as a series of novels set in the Old West, with all profits going to Norris' Texas-based Kickstart Foundation, which trains troubled kids in martial arts and points them on the right path—just as martial arts did for him. "I was an at-risk kid," Norris admits. "I grew up in poverty with an alcoholic father who was gone all the time. I could have gone the wrong way very easily. Fortunately, my mom kept me on the right trail, and the martial arts turned my life around."