Actress Claire Danes

Celebrity Q&A, People
on December 31, 2011

Q: I am enjoying watching Claire Danes on Homeland. Was she a child star?

—Drew Amaro, Harrisburg, Pa.

How about a teenage star? Danes began her career at 13 with a guest role on Law & Order, but it was two years later that she really got noticed, playing Angela on the short-lived TV series My So-Called Life and in the film Little Women.

Danes, 32, now has numerous films to her credit, including The Rainmaker, Les Mis‚rables, The Mod Squad and Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines. She returned to TV in 2010 in the title role of HBO's Temple Grandin, for which she won an Emmy. Now she stars as CIA analyst Carrie Mathison in Showtime's Homeland, of whom she says, "Carrie is incredibly bright, at times dangerously bright, formidable, focused, compulsive, and even myopic. But she's also very, very sensitive and vulnerable. And that juxtaposition is interesting."