Clamp Storage Tips

Featured Article
on August 24, 2013

Clamps are essential tools you need to have nearby.  Never lose a clamp again by organizing them with these simple tips.

Easy, Hidden Clamp Storage

When Club member Curt Supalla of Owatonna, Minnesota, was building a new workbench for his garage shop, he needed to find a way to store numerous long clamps. To solve the problem, he modified his workbench setup so that it served double-duty as a clamp rack. He inset the back of the bench’s base cabinets by 4 in.

Easy Clamp Access

This work-saving storage device created by Club member Daniel Slifka of Cresco, Iowa, puts clamps at Daniel’s fingertips wherever he is in his workshop. It holds everything from bar clamps to C-clamps to web clamps. The caddy’s base is 16 x 20 in., and it stands 40 in. high. Bins within the caddy hold miscellaneous hardware, and clamps hang on racks outside.

More Hidden Storage

Club member Floyd Ingersoll of Buffalo, Minnesota, wanted an effective, space-saving way to store his long bar clamps. As he glanced around his workshop, inspiration hit — he could use the underside of his workbench for additional storage. He fastened
perforated hardboard to the framework beneath the workbench top and used various pipe hangers to store his many clamps. Hanging beneath the workbench, they’re always within easy reach.