Classic American Style

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on July 3, 2014
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American style is as multi-faceted as the nation itself. The different regions developed and grew under diverse settings, creating several unique environments for incredible innovations to take place. Take a tour of American style as it evolved throughout the country.

New England

Throughout New England, architecture and home styling is strongly influenced by the region’s colonial history. Classic shaker homes, Cape Cod-style cottages and a love of brick pervade … New Englanders love to blend traditional design into today’s modern environment.

1 New England

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The South

From the coastal Carolinas to stately New Orleans, plantation-style homes and Victorians are the favored American styles. These areas boast crisp white exteriors, aristocratic details and impressive columns that all blend seamlessly with friendly front porches. In this region of America, homes are centered around social rooms like the living room, porch or kitchen. With open layouts to encourage a lively dinner party and soft, cozy seating to make the guests feel at home, this take on American style is all about southern hospitality with a touch of refinement .

2 New Orleans

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The Midwest

Chicago and Michigan in particular are full of stunning mid-century designs that are sleek, edgy and “organic,” a la Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful influence on the region. Here, American style is both utilitarian and beautiful, with both natural and industrial elements used in room décor.

3 Midwest

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The West Coast

It’s no surprise that America’s West Coast style emphasizes zen attitudes, relaxation and the beautiful outdoors. Many rooms blend the indoors with outdoors with large windows and skylights. West Coasters love modern design as well and enjoy incorporating bright colors and open, airy layouts.

4 West Coast Option 1

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