Classic Television

Celebrity Q&A
on February 27, 2005

Our family was wondering how you go about getting a television network to air family classics such as Full House and Gilligan's Island.
—Leah E., Arizona

If you're looking for the major networks—ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox—to run old episodes of those shows in prime time, you won't have any luck because they stick with new shows. However, basic cable channels such as TVLand and Nick at Nite specialize in reruns of TV favorites, and many other cable channels also air classic shows. Full House can be seen on Nick at Nite, while Gilligan's Island airs on the Hallmark Channel. Outside of prime time (8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET), the local affiliates of the networks make programming decisions. Contact your local station's viewer relations department and ask what you can do to get them to broadcast your favorite show.


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