Country Singer Clint Black

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on June 1, 2003

I would like some information on Clint Black. Does he write his own songs? How did he get started?
—Virginia B., Illinois

The youngest of four boys, Clint Black was born 40 years ago in New Jersey, where his steelworker father had taken a six-month contract job. When he was 2 months old, his family settled back into their regular life in Houston. When he was 13, Clint grabbed his older brother's harmonica and taught himself how to play. Next he tried the guitar. While still in his teens, Black started making a living in music, playing bass and singing harmony in his older brother's band. This was clearly not a hobby but a career for the talented youngster, and before long he was playing clubs on his own, writing and performing his own songs. It didn't take long for someone with Nashville connections to discover him, and he became a huge success with his first record. He's won numerous awards for his songwriting, as well as his singing. In 1991 he married actress Lisa Hartman, and the two of them had a hit song with the duet, When I Said I Do in 2000. Their daughter, Lily Pearl, is almost 2. Black, who has produced his own albums in the past, recently signed on to produce the debut album by the winner of television's Nashville Star competition.