Clint Black’s Historical Hobbies

Celebrity Q&A
on July 7, 2012

Country singer Clint Black is one of my favorites. What does he do when he’s not making music?

—Craig Markham, Hillsboro, Ore.


Besides walking his dogs, bike riding and playing games with actress-wife Lisa Hartman Black and their daughter, Lily, 11, Black, 50, enjoys reading and collects Civil War artifacts and old cognacs. “I’m not a pack rat, but try to find things that connect me to history,” he says. A gift from his wife of an old ledger book filled with hundreds of wanted posters put Black into a July 24 episode of PBS’s History Detectives and led to his discovery of who compiled the book. “There’s nothing else like it. It’s a Smithsonian level museum piece,” says the singer, who was born in Long Branch, N.J., and grew up in Houston, Texas.

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