Is Clint Walker Still Alive?

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on November 24, 2002

Is actor Clint Walker still living? If so, how old is he, and what is he doing now? He was in the old Western series Cheyenne and one of my favorite movies, The Night of the Grizzly.
—Betty B., Alabama

The 75-year-old Walker is alive and very well, thanks to his interest in a healthy lifestyle. He and wife Susan live in Grass Valley, Calif., and both are well-schooled in the ways of herbal medicine, vitamins, and nutrition. A native of Hartford, Ill., Walker worked as a merchant marine sailor, a sheet metal worker, carpenter, deputy sheriff, and oil prospector before breaking into the movies. His good looks and muscular build soon landed him leading man roles in both television and film. He remains active and creative and is currently working with Western author Kirby Jonas on how to adapt an idea of his into a book called Yaqui Gold.