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on November 2, 2011
  1. A story about Dick LeBeau, the Pittsburgh Steeler defensive coordinator. He is still coaching at the age of 74, after 53 years in the National Football League. His story is about a man who since the age of 65 ( when most retire) has accomplished eight (8) outstanding accomplishments and award recognition, including his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  2. He was personally interviewed by my friend, Mark Soroka, a free lance writer. This great interview revealed LeBeau's philosophy on  how a person can accomplish meaningful things in life, after the age of 65 along with his comments on how he does it and his philosopy on how to do it. Mark Soroka also personally interviewed  four of LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers players including Troy Palamalu that revealed wonderful quotes that readers will enjoy. Dick LeBeau says,"  I   would never have accomplished the things that I did  if I would have retired at 65."
  3. Dick LeBeau is a role model for both young and old and he sets a great example for not only those who follow sports but in all walks of life. He is nationally and world-wide known and the readers will thoroughly enjoy his story.
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