Coby Bell of ‘The Game’

Celebrity Q&A
on April 6, 2012


What can you tell me about Coby Bell, who plays pro football player Jason Pitts on The Game?
Joyce Campbell, Macon, Ga.
Bell, 36, an Orange County, Calif., native, is one busy guy. He stars in The Game, which films in Atlanta, Ga., and also as Jesse Porter in Burn Notice, which shoots a bit further south in Miami, Fla. Then he heads west on weekends to visit his wife and two sets of young twins in Los Angeles. “Playing Jason on The Game is so much fun because he can say or do anything, no matter how inappropriate it is,” he says. “Then on Burn Notice, I get back on my drama thing. I can spread my wings on the whole spectrum of acting. The traveling is a lot, but it’s hard to complain when my cup is overflowing with work right now.”
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